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Laundry Biz

LaundryBiz is an ideal solution for hi-tech laundry management system. Features includes Multiple outlet management, multiple scheme management, Call centre option to call for a home pickup or delivery or to track the status of an estimate, Provisional estimate for home pickup or home delivery, Estimate for walk-in customer, Labeling items before wash, Issue items to laundry plant, Receive items in plant, Sorting items after wash, Deliver items from plant to respective outlet after processing, Receive items in outlet after delivering from plant, Send sms to customers about the progress of their garments in each section, Deliver items to customer and generate a final bill, Schedule for a home delivery.


Front Screen


  • Estimate generation for collecting garments from customers.
  • Call centre helps to track the status of each garment in an estimate.
  • Labeling each garment in an estimate which helps to keep the track of the item in plant or outlet.
  • Labeled garments can be transferred to plant for processing.
  • The received items in plant will be sorted and washed according to the instructions provided in estimate.
  • Washed garments will be delivered back to the outlet.
  • Received garments will be sorted and packed and kept ready for delivery.
  • Verification of received items and the pending list can be done while delivering and receiving items at plant and outlet.
  • Additional Sms option is available for sending sms on specified stages of processing.
  • Android integration possible. These help in collect and deliver garments on doorsteps.



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