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Self Help

How do I install my new software?
Follow instructions in the CD menu or read the Read me file available in it before proceeding to install the software.
My MS SQL service manager is not working.
Uninstall the MSDE and reinstall it. Go to windows - Start – programs – MSDE and run the service manager, make sureIts in start mode and also auto start is selected.
I am unable to install the software in my system
Check out the error message and provide us the details
Backup & Restoring Data
Backup & Restore to daily backup of the data. Default folder is provided you can change the location to the required path of the Drive, to restore the Backup choose the backup from the folder and click ok, it will start restoring the backup data.
Saving company
Use company manager from Tools found in the Programs Menu ( Click on Windows Start, programs, Inventory Biz) of Inventory Biz to Save a Company in an another name SQL Errors

  1. If this message is shown its because the SQL server is not Running. Please click on service managerand click on Play [start/continue].
  2. Similar SQL error message can happen in the following cases
    When Computer Name is changed?
    Uninstall MSDE, and reinstall MSDE and restore BACKUP or take ca copy of MSSQL7 directory from C:> Drive or D: drive to another location, then uninstall MSDE and reinstall it. Take Service Manager STOP the service and then copy the “data “ folder files to the MSsql7 current folder and then restart service and then start Inventory Biz from the desktop icon and check if the companies are found, if not found then you and also use the Tools from Inventory Biz menu from programs Menu. From Tools click Data Recovery and choose the path where the data file is copied, click on the company name or code name of the company and CLICK Restore.
  3. SQL Errors happen when sql manager is not working, network connection is broken, when MS SQL manager has been affected by virus or other breakdowns. Correction can be done when MS SQL manager is running.
  4. SQL error when back is restored?
    Happens only for MSSQL 7 versions, when mssql was installed in drives other than C: Drive and then while reinstalling MSSQL7 is installed in another drive when the data is being tried to restore if an error occurs then create a directory Msql7 in C: drive and under it create another directory called DATA, the problem will be solved. (note after creating the directory do not copy any files in it)
What is MS SQL Manager?
It will be found in the Task Bar. If its not found there then SQL service manager can be found under all programs menu.
Prices subjected to change without notice. DCS Infoway will not responsable for DATA loss or Virus attacks. Prices of Software mentioned is not including AMC. Onsite support will be charged extra for clients without AMC. AMC (Annual Maintanance Contract) will be 18% of the total value or as per agreed Terms & Conditions of the Dealer or Distributor.


Get Start

Note: All software's have user name : admin and password : admin
Use default user name and password to log on to demo company
Insert the Software CD in the Drive and click on the required icons to install the software, finding difficulty check troubleshooting
A demo company has been provided to make it user friendly and for you to test the software we recommend you to login to the demo company and create, edit, modify data and get familiar with the software before creating a new company via Settings Menu.

  1. Step one : Masters
    Click on MASTERS Menu – Click Item or press the Enter Key. Enter the item name and related fields, leave the fields blank for which ever is not applicable and save the item. (Press F1 key to know more details in the fields in the item master)
  2. Step Two : Transactions -Purchase
    Go to Transactions menu, choose Purchase by clicking on it or pressing the Enter Key. Enter purchase invoice number and then choose the tax type (if not applicable choose “none”), choose Payment mode cash or credit (choose credit as a sample) then choose the supplier, in the supplier window if suppliers are not there to ADD a new supplier press F3 and to Edit a existing one F4. Press F3 create a supplier and save the supplier and close the window. Then go to item code choose the item from the item window (item which we have already created) enter the quantity, rate and other appropriate fields and press SAVE
  3. Step Three : Transactions-Sale
    Entering the sales, go to transactions, choose SALES and start entering the sales, choose appropriate fields as required, create and choose the customer if it's a credit Sale. If it is CASH sales leave the customer column blank. Enter the qty and rate if Rate column is not editable, go to application settings and enable it. Below choose the default invoice scheme to print (windows for windows A4 size prints and the other for DMP printing). To set the bill formats can be set as per user choice – Press F1 to view help
  4. Step Four : Reports
    To View reports of STOCK go to Reports Menu and then take Stock Reports, to view Sales Report go to Sales Reports, to view Purchase Reports – got to Reports Menu and take Purchase reports. Other reports are also available in the same menu.
  5. Step Five:User Settings
    User Settings and passwords are available in the respective menus.
  6. Step Six:Backup & Restore
    Backup & Restore to take daily backup of the data. Default folder is provided you can change the location to the required path of the Drive, to restore the Backup choose the backup from the folder and click ok, it will start restoring the backup data.

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